A New Bedford native was featured in one of the most talked-about commercials during Sunday night’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVII.

Earl White, who has been building up quite a resumé since becoming a professional actor only a few years ago, was seen by what prognosticators believe could have been the largest viewing audience for any broadcast in history, with an anticipated viewership of perhaps 115 million people.

“It was awesome,” White told us a short time after the ad aired on television. “To be a part of something that is occurring now and be one of the visual faces of it is incredible.”

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White is one of the first faces seen in a spot for “He Gets Us,” a coalition described on its website as “Jesus fans and followers” who don’t claim to be affiliated with any particular church or political ideology.

“We simply want everyone to understand the authentic Jesus as he’s depicted in the Bible — the Jesus of radical forgiveness, compassion, and love,” the organization states on its website.

White is seen yelling in the face of a policeman in riot gear for an ad entitled “Love Your Enemies,” with a message that Jesus stood up for what he believed in but also loved those who disagreed with him as much as those who did.

For White, it was an opportunity to keep climbing toward the top of his newfound profession.

“It’s nice and neutral for me 100 percent, and I’m blessed to be on the path that I'm on,” he said.

White lost his job at No Problemo in New Bedford due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and used the opportunity to move to New Orleans and try to get into voice acting.

He earned an on-screen speaking part in an episode of NCIS: New Orleans, and later had a memorable turn in the Hulu series Mike, about the life of Mike Tyson.

Earl White via Facebook
Earl White via Facebook

White said the “He Gets Us” ad job came up last December.

“It was sent to me by my agent, and it was my first live audition pretty much ever,” he said.

From starting his acting career on what of the top shows on television to now being seen across the globe, it’s safe to say Earl White started off big and is only getting bigger – yet he has a special message for his hometown.

“New Bedford, I love you and know we are here doing it and so can all of you,” he said. “Believe in yourself 100 percent, no matter what, and anything is possible!”

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