In a fast-paced world driven by anxiety and stress, two local guys stepped up to the plate and made a difference.

Early Sunday morning on November 21, Dartmouth native Adam Baptista, Jr. and New Bedford local Ryun Coleman collaborated to give back to the community and the outpouring of love and generosity was as wholesome as it gets.

Both Baptista and Coleman have a huge following on TikTok; Baptisa is better known as Masshole 2.0 with about 10,000 followers and Coleman goes by Sauce90 with just over 400,000 followers. These SouthCoast locals with a big social media reach were able to use it to bring smiles to almost 500 people.

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The two set off around 6 a.m. and toured throughout Dartmouth and New Bedford with one mission: to buy breakfast for strangers. By 10 a.m., Coleman and Baptista had bought donuts, coffees, cakes, sandwiches, etc. for 457 people. How much they spent didn't matter; it wasn't about the money.

"Ryan hit me up and asked if I wanted to be a part of this," Baptista said. "He said 'you want to give back?' and I instantly said 'sold.' We just wanted to genuinely give back without the clout or attention. That's it."

Sunrise Bakery & Coffee Shops on Dartmouth Street was just the beginning of the day, but an effective one. While Coleman paid for the people pulling up to the drive-thru, Baptista took care of the customers in the dining room. One by one, customers placed their order, just to be surprised with a "you're all set and taken care of" from the generous gentlemen.

"It honestly felt so amazing to give back," Coleman said. "All I wanted to do is put a few smiles on some strangers' faces. Hours have passed and I'm still feeling great about the morning we had."

Honey Dew, Dunkin', and Starbucks were next on their list of places to give back, and wherever they went, they made sure to take care of as many people as financially possible.

"Everybody deserves a break," Baptista said. "Some people are out here trying to treat their family with what little money they have and it was our mission to pay it forward. Everyone was more than happy and thankful. It felt good to do something good for the community."

A majority of people who received free breakfast ended up contributing back to the fund in one way or another.

"As I started paying for breakfast, someone gave me a $100 to add to the pot and it started building momentum from there," Baptista said. "If they didn't want us paying for them, we recommended three things they could do to help give back as well."

Folks were asked to either pay for someone behind you (paying it forward), contribute to the "giveback fund" to keep the free breakfast train rolling, or give the coffee shop or store a good tip.

At the end of the day, something as small as offering to pay for someone's order could really brighten up the darkest days. A community is only as strong as its kindness towards one another, and two men who strive to give back strengthened the SouthCoast, one donut and cup of coffee at a time.

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