Curtis Gomes proposed to girlfriend Kyli Blake at one of the most picturesque locations in the city, on a beautiful end-of-summer night as the sun was setting in the harbor.

I reached out to Curt who explained his side of the engagement to me. "My fiancé and I have been together for seven years exactly today and have two beautiful children, with one also due in November. So I was getting some heat for not having a ring on that finger already. And as we got closer to our anniversary the more nervous I got."

Curt ordered the ring on backorder and did not expect it to arrive for another month or so. However, Fedex delivered the diamond on Friday night. "With two days notice, I got together around 30 of our friends and family to join us on the beautiful harbor walk to surprise her. She had not the slightest clue. As she and the kiddos left Dairy Maid Ice Cream, she was met with everyone - rose in hand - to send her off to me, waiting at the end."

"I thought the painted mural would be a nice touch as well as the view and with the lights kicking on right after sunset. I thought it would set the mood just right. And the kids love ice cream so it was a good distraction while I rushed to set up everything."

Kyli, still in shock from the proposal, was playful about the engagement. "I told him for every year he waited he needed to make it that much more magical - and he delivered!"

Amanda Correia Photography
Amanda Correia Photography (Curt and Kyli pictured with daughter Summer, son Cashh, and Baby Aspen in mommy's belly)

Congratulations to you both! May your marriage be as magical as the proposal! And we'll see you at our Annual Wedding Show in January!

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