For close to 15 years, Michael Spoor and Donna Gamble, both New Bedford residents, have been chasing the Super Bowl as volunteers who construct and tear down the half-time entertainment staging.

Imagine getting the chance to see world-class entertainment free, just for volunteering to set it up and take it down.

Michael saw an ad in a Florida newspaper and applied. To his surprise, he got the job and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. His wife, Donna, also applied and got the job to accompany Michael. This year, they were able to clear their friends, Mike and Kathy Smith of New Bedford, making the event a mini working vacation with friends.

Although they are not paid, the perks are worth it. For two days prior to the game, the crews practice running on the field quickly, setting up the halftime festivities, and listening to world-class entertainers practice.

During their annual WBSM call-in from the Super Bowl location, Michael made it a point to say that the folks out there are so friendly and nice. Donna loved The Mall of America, an underground Disneyland like the shopping center. Mike and Kathy were just so excited to be in the middle of the experience.

They promised to come n the radio when they returned home to give us some interesting anecdotes from Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis. In the meantime, I say the final score will be Patriots 34, Eagles 24. Go Pats.

Phil Paleologos is a talk show on WBSM. You can listen to him Monday through Friday from 6-10 a.m. His opinions are solely his own. 

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