Governor Charlie Baker's proposal to lift a cap on charter schools has some local opposition.

New Bedford City Councillors Henry Bousquet and Kerry Winterson are appealing to the State Delegation to place a moratorium on charter schools in Massachusetts.

Baker would like to add up to twelve charter schools to the state per year.

Bousquet tells WBSM News charter schools use funds allocated for public systems, when cities like New Bedford are already cut down to the budgetary bone. "Public schools are being penalized for people who want to send their kids to a private education and don't have the money to pay for it. I'm sorry. And we need to change as a state. We need to change the formula. Fix the way it's funded," said an impassioned Bousquet.

Bousquet says data shows charter schools are no more effective than public school systems. "They're not trending any differently from any other school. I don't understand what the big brewhaha is over charter schools. The only benefit they have is they don't have the same rules that public schools have to abide by."

New Bedford is home to three charter schools: Alma Del Mar, Global Learning, and City on a Hill.

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