"Accountability" was the buzzword at Thursday night's City Council meeting, as the council voted to table the tranfer of $3.5-million to the school department.

The council laid into the department for nearly an hour, reluctant to transfer the free cash to cover the department's deficit, for fear that more money may be needed, and transferred funds may not be replaced. Councillor at Large David Alves says no accountability has been shown, thus far.

Ward 3 Councillor Henry Bousquet voted against the tabling of the cash, but wholeheartedly agrees somebody needs to be held accountable.

Ward 5 Councillor Jane Gonsalves also voted not to table the transfer.

The council is requesting the school department provide documentation showing what cuts will be made during the fiscal year 2014 to make up the deficit. Interim

Superintendent Mike Shea says he and other administrators are hard at work, and should have those documents shortly.