Artists looking for studio space now have an answer in New Bedford's North End.

While the Hatch Street Studios already provide artists with space to work, the new owners intend to offer even more studio space.

Jeff Glassman, President of Darn It! Inc., purchased the building with his wife, Lori, in July after a two-year acquisition process. Glassman says he wasn't the first to create art studios on hatch street, but he intends to provide more artists with space to create.

"The goal is to build the art community here in New Bedford, and if this becomes one of the premiere homes for artists in New Bedford then that's exactly what we're looking to accomplish," he tells WBSM News.

The Hatch Street Studios currently house 30 tenants, with 20 additional spaces being created in the re-purposed mill.

Mayor Jon Mitchell says he considers artists as small-business owners, making it a no-brainer to support the art community in the city.

With 3 out of the 20 new spaces already taken, Glassman says he hopes to have every space rented out within a year.

Tours of the building will take place throughout November. Anyone interested in the new spaces can visit


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