The All Treats No Tricks! Candy Stops Map is returning to downtown New Bedford thanks to DNB, Inc. on Saturday, October 23, and with over 37 candy stops on the candy map, children are in for a scary-good time.

DNB, Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to spread the word about the goings-on in historic downtown New Bedford. DNB, Inc. President Elissa Paquette has been with the organization since 2017 and has watched this particular event grow with eager children and families dressed in their Halloween best.

“This event has been going on for about fifteen years,” Paquette said. “We couldn’t do it last year, but in 2019, it was such a good turnout, and the costumes were so awesome.”

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This trick or treating event encourages friends and families to wear their best costumes and spend a Saturday afternoon trick or treating at businesses, galleries, and museums. This year, 37 places have signed on to be a designated stop, where trick or treaters will be awarded tasty treats or fun activities. DNB, Inc. provides a “candy map," listing all the stops along the way, and this year, the fun doesn’t just belong to the children.

“We have added a little more activation of the Wing’s Courts space with a DJ, a dance crew, and a living statue performer called The Raven for people who just want to be downtown, hang out, and hopefully enjoy the beautiful fall weather,” said Paquette.

Paquette said how the feedback from the community has been encouraging throughout the years.

“I think it’s great for parents because it’s on a Saturday and it’s during the day, which makes it convenient to take them trick or treating,” she said.

Plus, kids deserve more than one day of playing dress-up and eating candy.

All Treats, No Tricks! will attract hundreds of families to downtown New Bedford, bringing life to small businesses for a Saturday afternoon while keeping the spirit of Halloween alive and well.

It’s time to start planning your outfits.

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