The City of New Bedford welcomed newly elected and re-elected officials Monday evening during the 2016 Inaugural Ceremony at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center. 

Mayor Jon MItchell was sworn in for his third term as mayor by Massachusetts Superior Court Justice Renee Dupuis before delivering his third inaugural address.

During the address, Mitchell highlighted the progress of the city under his administration as well as the goals for the city's future.

"In four short years, we have gone from a city poised for progress, to a city with momentum," Mitchell said. "For so long our city had slumped, and many had come to believe that that was a permanent state of affairs - that it would always be so. But together we have proven that decline is not inevitable. We have made things better because we believed they could do better - and we were willing to work for it."

Mitchell's main emphasis was progress within the city's school system, drastic reductions in crime, a major boost in job growth and the hard work on the horizon with challenging decisions.

Among those being sworn in on stage were two new faces to city government.

Councilor at Large Ian Abreu said on Election Night in November that he was going to begin his transition into public office the following day. He feels confident, but acknowledges there's still plenty of work to be done.

"I'm still not 100% there yet because there's no way you can be." Abreu said. "It's a much smoother transition for me getting into this seat now that I've met with so many different city councilors, the mayor, other department heads and I'm excited and looking forward to the challenge."

School Committee Chris Cotter will begin his first term on the School Committee and said he is also looking forward to getting started.

"I feel very happy, very elated that I can now start getting to work and get my feet set and jump in feet first and get things going," Cotter said.

The remaining 10 City Councilors that were re-elected also took their oaths, as well as the re-elected School Committee members and assessor.