An unmerciful fire consumed the historic 150-year-old First Baptist Church in Wakefield, Mass. recently, but as the parishioners witnessed their parish gutted and wiped out, a miracle has kept their hopes ignited.

From the blackened rubble, where crews were dismantling what was left of the structure, a worker is seen carrying away a large, unscathed painting of Jesus.

Witnesses reported seeing a lightening bolt strike the 180-foot steeple, and within hours, the church was decimated by the seven-alarm fire.

People are saying the painting of Jesus survived not only the fierce blaze,but the extraordinary heat and the hours of water hosing. Videos and photos showed very heavy smoke, water and fire damage after the orange flames completely consumed the structure.

The pastor, Norm Bendroth, said their faith is one of hope and resurrection and that they believed we all can rise from the ashes. I agree.

There's a lesson or two we can take away from this story. Yes, miracles do happen. But the one I think about more is how some of us are lost in the fire, while others are built from it.

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