Necco Wafers and Sweethearts are no longer being made in Massachusetts.

If the news that the Necco plant was saved after being bought during a bankruptcy auction in May made you happy, that joy was short-lived.

Though the candy company was purchased for $17.3 million just a few months ago, things have already taken quite a turn.

Seems the new owners, Round Hill Investments LLC, has sold their new purchase to a another, unnamed company that has chosen to close the Revere plant rather abruptly.

Employees tell the Associated Press that they were shocked when they were told to pick up their last paychecks Friday.

Some 230 people were put out of work by the move.

There's also no word on whether or not production of the time-honored candy will resume.

NECCO, or New England Confectionery Company, is New England's oldest continuously operating candy company...or was?

Social media was immediately up-in-arms about the news with several Necco Wafer and Sweetheart fans sharing their thoughts on the closure.


If production of these classic candies doesn't start up again, it's going to be a very sad Valentine's season when you can't candy ask someone to "Be Mine."


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