For purposes of full disclosure, I am no fan of Robert Mueller. I believe that while Mueller's $35 million, two-year investigation of President Trump and the Trump campaign clearly exonerates both on the issues of collusion and obstruction, it also serves as a platform for the former special counsel to cheapshot Trump. That's my opinion. It's okay if you disagree.

Regardless of what any of us think of Bob Mueller, the man deserves some peace and quiet as he attends Easter mass. NBC News apparently disagrees. As Mueller emerged from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. on Easter Sunday, he was ambushed by NBC reporter Mike Viqueira. According to multiple media reports, it played out this way:

Viqueira: “Sir, could I ask you a couple of questions? Will you testify before Congress, sir?”

Mueller: “No comment.”

Viqueira: “Are you sure about that, sir?”

Mueller: “I have no comment.”

Viqueira: “If he were anybody but the president, would Mr. Trump be indicted, sir? Sir, why didn’t you make a recommendation to Congress one way or the other, sir? Did the attorney general accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction, sir?”

Mueller got in his car and slammed the door in Viqueira's face. Who could blame him? Did Viqueira honestly believe Mueller would answer his questions? Of course, he didn't.

This was all about show. It gave NBC News some tape to run on a holiday and a headline that boasts Mueller's refusal to answer questions about his report. You are supposed to stand up and cheer Viqueira for his aggressiveness in going after the big story while sacrificing his own holiday celebration. What a guy, he did it for us!

Pardon me if I am not impressed. I actually might have been impressed had Viqueira asked Mueller why his investigation didn't focus more on the Clintons and Obama, but I digress.

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