OOPS! In spite of the fact that everyone is talking about Oprah Winfrey may run for president in 2020, NBC appeared to have endorsed her when the Peacock Network called her "OUR Future President" in a tweet. That was Sunday night.

On Monday, NBC vaporized the tweet. It's gone! Now they want you to believe a third party agency did it! You know the routine by now. Maybe it was an intern or a hacker. Yeah, right/

The initial tweet, that violates NBC Network policy, was up for fourteen hours before they finally released a statement saying it was A JOKE! Do you want a joke NBC? Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? He PASTA WAY. Ouch! The bottom line here is NBC has deleted an endorsement of Oprah as 'OUR Future President' after outrage turned the Golden Globes extremely political, and that's no joke. What do you say?

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