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Greg started a healthy eating kick a few months back. During this time, he discovered he actually liked certain foods he shied away from beforehand. Like cantaloupe and oatmeal. While I’m thrilled that he enjoys a packet of Quaker’s instant oatmeal as much as I do, I’m a little skeptical about the way he eats it.

During quarantine, we probably spent more consecutive time together than ever before in our eight-year relationship. We learned a lot about each other since we were both working remotely. Greg learned that I drink way too much coffee and I’m a terrible flosser. Seriously, my dentist is disappointed with every visit. I learned that he’s very particular about the way he makes his bed and a little peculiar with food. I was beyond perplexed by the fact that he eats oatmeal with a fork.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that of all the things I could have learned about Greg, eating oatmeal with a fork is a far cry from an awful flaw. However, I have never seen this behavior before and everyone I talk to agrees that it is odd.

It recently came up again and I just have to phone a friend on this one. Should oatmeal be eaten with a spoon? Does your significant other have any weird habits that no one else has? Or at least that you know of.

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