Remember when everyone in the Portokalos (Orange) family worried that Toula would never get married in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, take a shot of Ouzo, have a slice of Boont Cake and get ready to cry hilarious (Greek word) tears because you're invited to a bigger Greek Wedding 2, coming to a theater (Greek word) near you in 2016. Toula and Ian's kids are now grown up and life is ready to throw them some sidesplitting surprises!

Papou's (Michael Constantine) advice to his college bound granddaughter is simple; "Keep your eyeballs open for a nice Greek boy!" YiaYia's (Lainie Kazan) words of wisdom are equally witty, "Eyes open - knees shut!"

Growing up in a Greek household, our dad and mom would drill into us that everything came from the Greeks! I was brought up believing even Christopher Columbus was Greek, who moved over from Samos to Italy! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 has a priceless storyline when Toula's parents discover the priest back in Greece never signed their marriage license, meaning they weren't legally husband and wife! All this can mean is get ready for another gut-busting, uproarious and hysterical (Greek word) Greek Wedding! OPA!!

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