I may be the only person still following the government order to quarantine, but that is mostly because I like to sit on my deck with a book and a homemade drink.

My father introduced me to P.J. O'Rourke decades ago. Back then the McCarthys got lots of magazines delivered to the house and there was no internet or cable television. It was read or die of boredom.

O'Rourke wrote for Rolling Stone magazine back then and he wrote for at least one car magazine occasionally. The first book I read by him was Parliament of Whores, his humorous look at the way government operated in the United States at the time. I was hooked on his writing and I have been reading and recommending him ever since then.

Here are some other books worth reading:

Holidays in Hell: O'Rourke's collection of essays and articles about the worst places on the planet and how to enjoy a drink while there. The hell holes are a bit dated but you will enjoy the author's ability to discover the humor at the moment.

Republican Party Reptile: Don't think this is a book for just loyal members of the Grand Old Party, because it isn't. There is a whole article on the ups and downs of tripping on the illegal drug MDMA.

Age and Guile: Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut: The title sounds like a 1970s Bruce Springsteen album. P.J. is now a gun-owning, German sports car-driving capitalist but at one time he was a hippy; read this book, but buy it don't steal it.

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