Either because there is simply nothing better to do on your dime or they are seriously that strung out on Trump, some two dozen House Democrats plan to participate in a live reading of the Mueller report at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday.

Pennsylvania Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon, vice chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee, is so convinced the Mueller report makes a clear case that President Trump obstructed justice that she has organized the 12-14 hour marathon to take place in the House Rules Committee Room. The event is similar to our annual Moby Dick Marathon in that various House Democrats will take turns reading aloud from the report.

Redacted portions of the report will not be read aloud.

The marathon will be live streamed and recorded for an audio book. You can bet CNN and MSNBC will broadcast some, if not all, of it. By the way, should you wish to follow along at home, the version of the report to be read aloud is available to the public, making it all the more crazy that lawmakers would waste their—I mean your time and money on such foolishness.

To my pals on the left, it is over. Move on. There are so many critical issues in search of solutions and yet this is the best we can get from the Democrats in Congress.

Voters, if your congressperson is participating in this event on Thursday, you need to take a deep look inside yourself and consider whether your best interests are being served. I get that this is a Democrat enclave and that local loyalties tend to run blue here, but find another Democrat. Find someone who is willing to put the people's business ahead of their own interests and the interests of a party that appears hell-bent on driving the entire bus right off a cliff.

These shenanigans have reached a level of absurdity now. The refusal to accept the 2016 elections and prepare for 2020 is evidence to me of some serious emotional issues that need to be dealt with privately, and not on the people's time and money.

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