At least 58 people were shot on Chicago's bloody streets over the weekend. Seven of them died. President Trump needs to go to Chicago.

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Even with 600 more police officers on patrol over the weekend, the number of shootings increased. Police Commissioner Eddie Johnson is frustrated:

“Let’s not forget the police aren’t the ones out there doing it. We can only do so much. We cannot be on every street corner ... every moment of the day. We just can’t. That’s an impossibility. It’s unreasonable. There’s no police department in this country that can do that.”

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses to call on the Trump Administration to provide the kind of assistance Chicago needs. A year ago, the President announced that the violence in Chicago had "reached such epidemic proportions that I am sending in federal help." That help consisted of 20 more permanent ATF agents as part of the Chicago Gun Strike Force, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicagoans deserve much better, and Mayor Emanuel, rather than rejecting additional federal assistance, should be demanding more.

The Trib says Chicago had 762 homicides last year, more than the combined gun-related death toll in New York and Los Angeles. After a brief reduction, those numbers are climbing again.

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President Trump needs to make good on his promise to end the carnage in Chicago and should do everything within his authority to do that. A good first start would be for Trump, accompanied by Colin Kaepernick and other socially-minded athletes, to go to Chicago to begin the process of making that happen.

Go to Chicago, Mr. President.

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