City Councillor-at-Large Linda Morad says she'd like to see public safety departments more streamlined.

Morad is running for re-election. Speaking on "The Taylor Cormier Show," Morad says police and fire stations should be combined and operate out of the same buildings. "I'm interested in talking about making a joint location for Police and Fire across the city. We have it at Tarkiln Hill Road, basically. The two are side-by-side, they're actually on the same lot. But it makes sense," said Morad. Morad says a study by the city is being conducted to learn the feasability of such a venture.

On economic development, Morad wants to see more investment in the City's north and south ends. Morad thinks too much attention has been given to downtown New Bedford. "I disagree strongly with Mayor Mitchell and his comments over and over about 'You need a vibrant downtownto have a good city.' I'm happy to spend tax dollars and federal dollars in the downtown area, but you need to have an equal allocation in the south end and in the north end of our city." Morad says while she's glad to see downtown businesses thriving and the beautification of the district, she'd like to see the same kinds of investment in business districts and neighborhoods throughout the city.

Morad is one of eleven candidates running for Council-at-large. One will be eliminated as a result of the October 6 preliminary election.

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