In Massachusetts if you see an animal suffering in a hot car you can break the window open to save it and that animal's owner could face penalties thanks to a law that came into effect on Wednesday.

The bill's sponsor state Sen. Mark Montigny (D-New Bedford) told WBSM News that while it may seem like common knowledge that you shouldn't leave an animal in a hot car, it is an all too common occurrence.

"The average person who just loves their dog or cat they know instinctively that when it's 80 degrees out ten minutes in a car is over 100 degrees," said Montigny "so I don't know how anybody could assume that was OK but it happens all the time."

The law was signed back in August by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker which Montigny says shows that while the nation may remain divided on many issues concern for animals is something that almost always has bipartisan support.

"I received more favorable feedback across party lines, across demographics, in the community, outside this community, statewide, nationwide even," said Montigny "and I think it's for one simple reason, people love animals and they know they're helpless and they can't speak for themselves."

The law entitled, an Act to Prevent Animal Suffering and Death, also prohibits excessive tethering and leaving animals outside in frigid conditions.

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