Last week, there was a strange sight in Fairhaven that could have easily startled any passersby on Middle Street.

Wearing the notorious mask and costume, Michael Myers was spotted with his tiny dog taking a casual stroll. Needless to say, it was a weird sight, and Cranston resident Steven Lipps captured it all on camera.

Seeing Michael Myers walk his Daschund in broad daylight would grab anyone’s attention, and it certainly grabbed mine, but Lipps was able to give me the real story behind this masked person who made my skin crawl.

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Last week, at the Seaport Inn in Fairhaven, The “MonstahXpo, Halfway to Halloween” took place, and Lipps was in attendance.

Lipps does cosplay with his friends and happened to be outside when Michael Myers came walking down the street.

“I was outside in front of the convention with some people, and I just caught it at the right time,” he said. “It was awesome.”

The real Michael Myers from the "Halloween" remake, played by actor Tyler Mane, was actually in attendance for the convention, but Lipps quickly found out that this masked stranger was simply a fan who needed to take his dog out for a walk.

“I mean, c’mon, it was Michael Meyers walking a dog, it was so random,” laughed Lipps.

I am relieved to know that there was a valid reason for the Michael Myers get-up and it wasn’t some super fan who should be alerted to the police.

But if you noticed Michael and his Daschund taking a walk on Middle Street last week, now you know why.

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