Easter Sunday ushered in some A-list celebrities to Providence to enjoy a popular spot downtown.

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and their children enjoyed a feast at Andreas in the city, catching the attention of their fellow diners.

What brings them to Rhody? I decided to find out.

Philippe Maatouk has been living in Providence for 30 years, making a name for himself in the restaurant industry. Owner of Layali Restaurant, he lent a hand to the family business over at Andreas to serve up some high-end Greek cuisine. He was ready for a rush of families, but he was not prepared to come face to face with movie stars.

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“I was cooking in the kitchen, and when I came out to check on them, I saw Michael Douglas, his wife Catherine and their kids,” Maatouk said.

The truth is, he was simply doing what he does daily. Every person is considered a “VIP” at Andreas, so it’s standard for Maatouk and his staff to greet each table and check on their meals.

He was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the stars' table.

“They were such great people,” said Maatouk. “They are very down to earth and just really great people. I had the pleasure of meeting them and serving them Easter brunch.”

It certainly made for an exciting day at Andreas, but the question remains: What are these two up to in Rhode Island?

I did some digging, and from the looks of it, the Douglases were enjoying a family reunion.

Zeta-Jones posted a photo of the family on a college campus saying, “The band is back together!” One eagled-eye user in the comments recognized the campus as Brown University, where one of their children most likely attends.

Douglas shared another family photo of the crew taking a tour of The Breakers mansion in Newport.

Looks like they were simply tourists for a day, enjoying the best of what Rhode Island has to offer: good food and incredible views.

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