New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

During his weekly radio program Mayor Mitchell said that, while he was disappointed with the result, he's prepared to work with the incoming Trump administration to advocate for new bedford issues.

"If the new administration wants to know the perspective on commercial fishing from the mayor of the largest commercial fishing port in the United States, I'd be happy to offer it," said Mayor Mitchell "if they want to know my perspective on offshore wind then I'd be happy to offer that."

Mayor Mitchell also said he believes he could find common ground with Republican leaders on issues including the Marine Monument designation and changes to the Clear Water Act.

The Mayor also discussed Ballot Question 2, which would have lifted the cap on charter schools, which was one of the most contested issues on the ballot and something he openly opposed.

Mitchell said that while he's not entirely opposed to charter schools the current system puts a tremendous financial strain on cities and towns.

"We don't have money growing on trees in New Bedford and the way that charter schools are funded in Massachusetts would have lead to, if this thing was passed, would have lead to a tremendous imposition on New Bedford's taxpayers and our ability to pay for other important services," said Mitchell.

Mayor Mitchell also said that his administration will continue to work towards making improvements to the city's public school system.

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