The first day of school for many New Bedford students took place on Wednesday.

Speaking on his weekly radio program Mayor Jon Mitchell said that in addition to classes and new teachers this school year will also bring a new schedule for the city's elementary school students.

"This marks the first day of the full weeks at our elementary schools in over 40 years," said Mitchell "as part of the new teacher contract we had an agreement to restore the full day Fridays."

Mayor Mitchell welcomed the move, saying it would greatly benefit students.

"They're going to get a full year's worth of school, which is great, which is exactly what they deserve and are entitled to," said Mitchell.

Mayor Mitchell says students in the high school will also see some changes.

"There a number of new programs at the high school that are off to a good start," said Mitchell "more AP, the dual enrollment programs with the middle schools are underway and those have grown alot, so the school system is really clicking now."

Mayor Mitchell also says there will be upcoming ground breakings for two schools being built in the South End.