It's a story that seems to grow stranger by the day.

Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan says he will seek an outside independent investigation into claims by a city councilor that the mayor attempted to intimidate him with a gun. The Herald News reports Flanagan is reaching out to District Attorney Sam Sutter's office, requesting the DA appoint a special presecutor to investigate.

City Councilor Jasiel Correia II alleges Mayor Flanagan showed him his gun during a late night car ride in mid-August. Correia says the mayor was trying to persuade him into saying he was pressured into signing a petition to recall Flanagan as mayor.

While Flanagan admits to meeting with correia that night, he denies ever showing him his firearm, and maintains he has done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, during a conversation Wednesday afternoon on WSAR, Correia says he will not seek a criminal complaint against the mayor, though he is not changing his story.