A Mattapoisett school bus driver has taken Fun 107's Light Up SouthCoast to a whole new level. Dianne Freitas loves her holidays, and she loves bringing out the fun of the holidays for the kids who ride her bus.

"I started slowly last year; it was my first year working in Mattapoisett," Freitas said.  "I didn't go all out. I put window clings on the windows for all the holidays, but I didn't really decorate for Halloween because I was too new and didn't want to go overboard right away."

Freitas admits she was testing the waters to see what she could get away with.

Courtesy of Dianne Freitas
Courtesy of Dianne Freitas

When no one said anything, she stepped up her game for Halloween, lining the inside of her bus with purple lighting and hanging a witch and pumpkin on the front of her bus.

Needless to say, the kids loved it. The students on Mattapoisett Route 2 now brag that they have the coolest bus driver on the SouthCoast, and after seeing what Freitas pulled off for Christmas, it might be hard to disagree.

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Check out the latest decoration. The school bus resembles a party bus with LED Christmas lighting. It is especially impressive when Freitas picks up her early-morning students before the sun fully rises in Tri-town.

Freitas says she loves to make the kids happy and watch their faces light up as they board her bus.

"Why not brighten their day up," Freitas said. "They've got a long day of school ahead. I think the lights bring some joy to them."

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