Congratulations to Kevin Tavares. He has been named the new principal at Old Hammondtown School in Mattapoisett.

Tavares will replace the legendary Rose Bowman, who has served as a Mattapoisett principal for 24 years and an educator for 50 years.

A replacement for Bowman at the Center School has not yet been named. Bowman previously served as principal for both Mattapoisett elementary schools, but Old Rochester Regional School District Superintendent Michael Nelson says that the district is restructuring the way the schools will be managed.

"Beginning in July, each school will have an individual principal rather than a principal and associate principal shared between the schools," said Nelson. "My office will begin the search for a new Center School principal and a search committee will be formed to give input on the process and candidates."

Tavares, who is better known as "Mr. T" to the students, is finally getting a shot at the big chair after 28 years. He has worked side by side with Rose Bowman as associate principal for the majority of those years.

Courtesy of Old Hammondtown School
Courtesy of Old Hammondtown School

Seven years ago, Tavares made Fun 107 headlines and was featured on the morning show after sleeping on the rooftop of the Center School. The stunt was used as an incentive to Center School students to bring in as many canned goods as possible for an end-of-the-school-year food drive.

Tavares will assume his new role as OHS principal on July 1.

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