Veterans Day is a holiday set aside to be thankful for all of the veterans, both past and present, alive or passed, that have served America. One active member of the military, Matt Porter, used the day to give back to his Mattapoisett community.

Porter was joined by landscaper Steve Grenier to give Mattapoisett's Haley Field at Old Hammondtown School a major makeover to ready it for Intermediate 50/70 play this spring.

In addition to the regulation 46 feet used in the Little League's Majors, a second pitcher's mound will be 50 feet away from home plate and the bases will be placed either 70 feet apart or 60 feet depending on the level of play.

The Intermediate level of baseball is relatively new, and helps bridge what can be a massive gap between Little League Majors and Senior League, which is played on a regulation field. It can sometimes be hard for young players to adjust to the 90-foot diamond.

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According to Old Rochester Youth Baseball, 60 tons of material were brought in and distributed throughout the playing surface.

The project began at 8 a.m. and was wrapped up by mid-afternoon, and the results of one day's work were incredible.

Haley Field was dedicated to Mattapoisett's first recreation director, John Haley, in 2007. A bench is also at the field in Haley's honor.

You can see the progression of the work here:

Mattapoisett's Haley Field 2021 Renovation

A SouthCoast active military member spent his Veteran's Day converting Haley Field at Mattapoisett's Old Hammondtown School into an Intermediate field.

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