A vanity license plate can say a lot about a person. Whether it’s a sports team, phrase or color, a unique license plate gives you an idea about the person behind the steering wheel. People get pretty creative when choosing a vanity plate, and after looking over the list of registered vehicles in Massachusetts, some of these drivers did not disappoint.

How to Get a Vanity Plate

In the state of Massachusetts, licensed drivers can apply for vanity plates online at any RMV Service Center or through mail by sending the application to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


All vanity plates must start with at least two letters.

Vanity plates may contain a maximum of six characters (letters or numbers) and a minimum of two characters. For antique vehicles, no fewer than two characters and no more than four. For motorcycles, no fewer than two characters and no more than five.

Numbers can only come at the end of a license plate.

The letters “I,” “O,” “Q,” and “U” can only be used as part of a word that is clearly defined and correctly spelled.

No periods, spaces, or punctuation marks are allowed.

Letter and/or number combinations that convey an offensive message or appear to duplicate an existing registration plate are not permitted.

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I like the idea of a vanity license plate, but with all of the guidelines listed above, how does anyone come up with an idea? I have never been able to come up with an idea that seems fitting for my Nissan, and coming up with six characters that represent me in some way turns out to be a lot harder than I imagined.

But after reading through these Massachusetts Vanity Plates provided by the RMV, I’m feeling inspired.

Check out some of my favorite ones that are currently driving around the Bay State.

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