You may be surprised to see MassLive's list of how much teachers are paid by school districts.

Some teachers are paid $100,803 in Carlisle, while others are paid around $35,000 or so in Gosnold. Why the huge disparity? Isn't their job the same; to give their very best so the kids can grow up to become their very best?

With the help of Mike Hardman, the new Digital Media Editor here at WBSM/FUN107, we see that Rochester was ninth overall at $92,484, while Greater New Bedford Voke was 13th and Marion 45th.

Greeater New Bedford Voc Tech- $90,408 with a budget of $15,938,850
New Bedford-$77,287 $64,991.047
Fall River $69,591 $49,756,821
Westport $75,172 $8,314,058
Freetown-Lakeville $69,336 $13,263,884
Marion $82,488 $2,812,850
Wareham $67,721 $13,483,291

We also looked at New Bedford and Fall River in comparison to other cities in Massachusetts.

Brockton-$84,286, $91,526,188
Springfield $65,832, $135,954,291
Pittsfield $70,460, $32,223,123
Lowell $79,547 $80,861,650
Worcester $77,862, $139,846,526

Is it interesting to see that the local vocational high school pays teachers more than their New Bedford counterparts. What do you think?

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