MassLive posted this video on YouTube yesterday. "Coach Cal Booker, of the New England Academy of Gymnastics in Marlborough, Massachusetts, sprung into action to make an amazing catch of 13-year-old Noah Viera when the gymnast lost his grip of the high bar during a meet in Springfield."

Vieira told MassLive that “he knew his hands were a little slippery, but he just wanted to finish his warm-up before the main competition.” He competed at the Tim Daggett National Invitation meet in Springfield last weekend when “a little slippery became no grip whatsoever, and he began to fly and tumble through the air.”

His mom, Colleen McGonagle, watched helplessly as Noah was about to land head first on the floor. The quick reaction from Coach Booker was the only thing that prevented Vieira from sustaining serious injuries to his neck. According to McGonagle, Coach Booker noticed Noah’s hand placement on the bar and could tell that something would happen. Experience and quick thinking saved Noah that day.

"I could feel myself flying and I was kind of waiting for the end," Noah said. "I didn't know the coach was there until I looked up and he had me." According to MassLive, Noah crushed the actual competition portion despite the scary warm-up. In fact, “he performed one of his best routines to date.”

Way to go Noah, and awesome job Coach Booker.

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