Items such as Gay Pride flags, Thin Blue Line flags, and Black Lives Matter endorsements are among the "political items" now banned from public school classrooms in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe reported that a school faculty member said the policy changes were announced during a staff meeting last week. Stoughton School Department officials reportedly believe political items could cause disruption and are a distraction. reported that "Stoughton High Administrative Principal Julliette Miller emailed faculty on Thursday to clarify that the aim was to keep the school a safe space for everyone."

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Stoughton Superintendent Thomas Raab told Fox News Digital that he is "committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion" and wants all students to know that they are supported and welcomed in school."

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"Over the last couple of years, teachers have been asked to remove potentially controversial items from their classrooms," Raab said. "This is part of a consistent effort by the district to limit potential disruptions to students' learning so that our students and faculty can focus on educational lessons inside the classroom."

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Wisconsin Public Radio reported the Kettle Moraine School Board caused a stir in August when it voted to "prohibit staff from displaying pride flags or using pronouns in their email signatures." The board also banned "political-leaning flags or signs," including "Black Lives Matter and Back the Badge Messaging."

Superintendent Stephen Plum said school employees should refrain from using their position to "promote partisan politics" or their religious views.

So far, more than 13,000 signatures have been collected as some residents look to overturn the board's decision.

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