U.S. Route 6 has been traveled by millions of drivers over the years. Stretching from California to Massachusetts, it can offer any traveler an exquisite view of the country, but the portion of Route 6 that cuts through the SouthCoast is what I have my eyes set on.

Just like the people who travel it, Route 6 continues to evolve as old businesses thrive and new ones pop up. If you’re not careful, you may miss out on some one-of-a-kind opportunities while driving along this route.

Before there was Route 6, there was Route 3, connecting Provincetown with the New York-Connecticut border. After the Joint Board on Interstate Highways approved the preliminary plan for U.S. highways, Route 6 took shape, and by 1926, it was a functioning secondary highway. The only way to get to the touristy towns of Cape Cod was by traveling through the SouthCoast on Route 6.

We complain about traffic these days, but could you imagine it when there was only one route?

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Running parallel to I-195, Route 6 serves as a local business route, taking travelers from Providence to the Braga Bridge in Fall River, and connecting with Route 28 in Wareham to bring them over the Sagamore Bridge to Cape Cod. Along the route, a traveler can find anything they need without making a single turn, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind souvenir, car service, or a shopping spree.

One of SouthCoast’s biggest appeals is the marriage between quaint charm and modern-day shopping. From Seekonk to the Cape, SouthCoast locals weigh in on some of their favorite businesses along the route. Let’s take a drive and check out the 16 most talked about businesses on Route 6.

16 of the Best Businesses You'll Find Along Route 6

Route 6 is a bustling lane of thriving businesses. From quaint and unique to modern-day convenience, here are some of the best businesses you'll find while driving down the SouthCoast's most-traveled road.

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