Remember the good old days, when you got your inspection sticker and you played a game of cat-and-mouse to see how long your could keep it before getting a new one?

When I was a college student and had no money, I had a plan. I thought about how if you just got your inspection sticker one day late you would get a whole month free. Do that 12 times and you get a whole year free.

That turned into pushing the limit to two, three, or even four months. Why not? It wasn't like the Registry of Motor Vehicles was tracking it, and it really didn't seem to be something that police were hellbent on enforcing.

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In fact, we reported a story about how the RMV was asking police to issue warnings to drivers with expired inspection stickers instead of issuing tickets. With the announcement, however, the RMV made it a point to let you know that they know exactly who has expired stickers and who doesn't.

Those weren't just words. I received an email this morning from the Registry of Motor Vehicles letting me know that they knew my sticker had expired and suggesting that I get a new one at my earliest convenience.

RMV records indicate your annual Massachusetts inspection sticker is expired and your vehicle needs to be inspected. Please do not ignore this email and act accordingly by referring to the expiration date on the existing Massachusetts sticker on your vehicle’s front windshield. The sticker expires on the last day of the month in the year indicated on the face of the sticker. Failure to act may result in law enforcement to issue a citation.

In a way, it's a nice courtesy that the RMV is offering. They understand that people are busy and may not be paying attention to things like an expired inspection sticker.

On the flip side, they just took away any excuses that you have that you didn't know your sticker was expired.

The message was heard loud and clear. They want me to know that they know. I'll be getting a new sticker this weekend!

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