There is cheap living, affordable living and downright expensive living, and Massachusetts seems to have it all.

Affordable living is great, but let’s pretend for a minute that money is no object and that we have the means to live luxuriously.

If that’s the case, we would be looking at the following Massachusetts counties for settling down.

HomeSnacks compiled a list of the richest counties in Massachusetts, and you won’t believe the median household incomes for some of these areas.

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What Is HomeSnacks?

HomeSnacks was founded to provide insights that “your real estate agent would neglect to mention” by presenting data from presentable sources and utilizing a scientific report called Saturday Night Science to explain the methodology behind the rankings.

How to Determine Which Massachusetts County is the Richest

Their research considers several aspects.

With the help of the American Community Survey data and Zillow for the most recent reporting period of data on average home prices and median income, HomeSnacks ranked each county for each of the criteria from 1 to 14, with one being the richest.

“Saturday Night Science is the standard of research we put into every article on the site,” HomeSafe said. “Because place-based rankings aren’t peer-reviewed, we are trying to achieve a level of accuracy you’d have with friends arguing at a bar…every ranking tries to follow the four Ts.”

The Four T’s

Transparent Methodology

Trusted Sources

Tested with Data


So, Where Are the Richest Counties?

Some are obvious while others may surprise you. Here are the top 10 richest counties in Massachusetts.

Are you living in one of them?

Check Out the Richest Counties in Massachusetts

Some are no surprise, but some may shock you.

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