Political correctness has caused us to banish the Native American gal from the Land O' Lakes Butter containers, put Aunt Jemima on the unemployment line, and dozens of statues of American icons on ice. Now the official Massachusetts state seal and motto are getting a makeover.

The Dartmouth Indian was lucky. He fought back and will live to see another day.

The current Massachusetts state flag shows an American Indian standing under an arm holding a downward-facing sword, an indication of peaceful intentions. The state's motto translated from Latin reads, "By the sword, we seek peace, but peace only under liberty."

The New Massachusetts State Seal Could Look Mighty Different
Mass State / Twitter

The Special Commission Relative to the Seal and Motto of the Commonwealth is responsible for finding a replacement for the current seal and motto some consider offensive. I submit that there will not be a single replacement offered that won't tick someone or some group off, so this could be a lengthy process.

"We have representation that we've all agreed is not a good representation of a native person, what is the future of that given that I don't think in the list of state symbols that we went over the last meeting, we have any kind of native symbols in there," commission co-chair Brian Boyles told WWPL TV 22 in Springfield. "I do think we need to be super thoughtful about that."

The station reported the committee plans to poll the public for its views of how the new seal should look. The polling process could cost taxpayers as much as $100,000.

New Bedford Rep. Antonio Cabral (D) and Taunton Sen. Marc Pacheco (D) are members of the special commission.

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