A former leader of the Massachusetts Latin Kings gang has been sentenced to 21 months in prison, plus three years of supervised release.

Juan Liberato, 31, also known as King Prodigy, was sentenced Thursday in Federal Court.

Liberato pled guilty last October to charges of conducting a Rico Conspiracy: being part of a gang using drug distribution to generate revenue, and engaging in violence against witnesses and rival gangs to protect its turf.

Prosecutors describe Lliberato as the Inca, or leader of the Latin Kings in Mass. Liberato admitted to attending various meetings that were recorded by cooperating witnesses where the business and affairs of the gang were discussed and decisions were made concerning the operations of the gang.

In particular, Liberato was recorded in attendance at a series of leadership meetings where crimes being committed by the gang, including drug deals and violence, were discussed. These violent acts discussed on recordings included the conspiracy to shoot a codefendant, Angel Roldan, a/k/a “King Big A”, and the violent “termination” or beatings of other members for violating the rules of the Latin Kings.

He was among 62 alleged gang members and associates indicted by a federal grand jury in December, 2019, and is the 48th defendant to be sentenced.


Information from the US Attorney's Office

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