Goodbye undocumented immigrants, say hello to Massachusetts illegal aliens.

The term “undocumented worker” has bothered me since it was adopted by progressives to refer to illegal aliens in the United States. The passage of the law over the veto of Charlie Baker, the most popular governor in the world, to grant an official driver’s license in the Commonwealth to any adult regardless of their immigration status has officially made the term “undocumented immigrant” an outdated and inaccurate term.

Remove it from your vocabulary.

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Tighten up your language and break free of an old canard. Embrace the accurate and scientific term for our neighbors who are soon to be flooding the local branches of the RMV; those are the people who immigrated into the United States in full rebellion against the laws of the country they intend to make their new home.

These are illegal aliens.

We have been assured the new licensed drivers will have to provide documents from their native country to prove their identity at the RMV to get an official driver’s license from Massachusetts.

With the passage of this new law, we have learned that the thousands of previously called “undocumented aliens” had documents the whole time. They were never “undocumented,” they were just illegally living and somehow working in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with their El Salvadorian birth certificate, Irish passport or discharge papers from Vladimir Putin’s army tucked in their back pocket.

Calling an illegal alien an undocumented alien was an untruth and a vicious smear. Oh sure, they may be a Middle Eastern terrorist carrying a birth certificate issued in the bloodthirsty mullahs in Tehran – but they have a document!

Maybe they were dispatched to the United States by the espionage services of Russia to interfere in our elections (do we care about that anymore or is that over?) or China’s Politburo to steal technology but they have documents and soon you will be standing behind them when you attempt to renew your Massachusetts driver’s license.

Just don’t refer to them by the outdated term “undocumented immigrant.”

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