The latest attempt by some House Democrats to impeach the President of the United States failed again. The Massachusetts delegation is divided on the question.

There are many interesting aspects to the latest vote on impeaching President Donald J. Trump in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. The Massachusetts delegation is split despite the fact that one of its own members, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, is the victim of alleged "high crimes and misdemeanors" by the president. A few tweets are now what passes as a Watergate-like crime to some on the left.

Texas Democrat Al Green forced the vote in the House despite the resistance of the majority of his fellow Democrats. Only 95 Democrats joined him in voting in favor of the impeachment. He was opposed by his party's House leadership and by some members of the various ethnic caucuses in the House. The vote was 332 against impeachment and 95 in favor of impeachment.

Massachusetts Representatives Keating, Neal, Lynch, and Clark voted against impeachment, while McGovern, Trahan, Kennedy, and Moulton voted in favor of impeachment. Congresswoman Pressley voted in favor of impeaching the president because of the spat she and the other three members of "The Squad" have with him.

The most interesting development is the move Congressman Joe Kennedy III had towards impeachment. On a previous Al Green impeachment vote, he did not vote. Now he is siding with the left-wing impeachment crowd. Does that mean he and his team view this latest vote as a future litmus test?

Will this vote fracture the tight bonds of the Massachusetts delegation? The state has benefitted from a blueprint laid out and followed since the days of Speaker Tip O'Neill and Congressman Joe Moakley. It isn't an accident that Rep. Richard Neal is the Chairman of Ways and Means and Rep. James McGovern is the Chairman of the Rules Committee today. The Massachusetts delegation has always punched above its weight class because of the way they have worked together to place members on important committees.

Will Rep. Pressley give those who voted against her a pass or will she and the rest of "The Squad" come looking for scalps in the next Massachusetts federal primary?

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