With Massachusetts being one of the most educated states in the country, you would think we could spell "elephant" but the internet says otherwise.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee finals are this week, featuring smart students 16 and younger showing off their skills. Let's face it: Some of the words they'll encounter are ones we've never heard of, nevermind know how to spell.

It is fitting that a map of the most misspelled words in each state was posted on Scripps' website, thanks to Google Trends.

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It surprised me that our lovely state of Massachusetts apparently can't spell "elephant" correctly. Keep in mind, this is based off of how people here spell the word while doing a Google search. We've all been guilty of misspelling words while tapping quickly on our phones.

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That said, in a world with autocorrect, how could we possibly spell this wrong?

Rhode Island isn't too far off. They apparently can't spell "effectively."

I'll take this Google Trends revelation with a grain of salt but it's interesting information to keep us on our toes.

So, let's spell it together: E-L-E-P-H-A-N-T.

I think we can do better, don't you?

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