While so many seem to be wringing their hands over the recent United States Supreme Court ruling that essentially puts the abortion issue back into the hands of state governments, outgoing Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker sees a silver lining in the decision.

Baker, a Republican whose pro-choice stance has often put him at odds with his base, said that Massachusetts continuing to allow legal abortions while other states will outlaw it could be good for business.

Baker signed an executive order last week following the Supreme Court's decision prohibiting Massachusetts from cooperating with states that try to prosecute their residents for seeking abortions here in Massachusetts.

Supreme Court Takes On ACA Case To Determine Legislation's Fate
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The order also protects Massachusetts abortion providers from out-of-state charges and prevents Massachusetts authorities from cooperating with investigations in other states of residents who seek abortions in the Bay State.

State House News Service reported that Baker told the media on Monday that businesses might be attracted to Massachusetts or want to expand here because abortion will remain legal here.

"I do believe that having listened to and heard from a lot of companies over the past couple of days about what this decision means with respect to their workforces and their benefit plans, that there may, in fact, be a big opportunity for Massachusetts to encourage some employers to either come here or expand their footprint here because we are a state that takes this issue seriously and will be there for their employees when they need those kinds of reproductive services and supports," Baker said.

Baker: Legal Massachusetts Abortions Could Be Good For Business
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Some analysts have suggested that states that continue to permit legal abortions could see an uptick in tourism as a result.

Baker also anticipates an increase in funding for security where abortions are performed in Massachusetts.

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