What is she, a racist? This "hateful, nasty" woman must hate a white man in the White House. There can be no other explanation. If you follow the rationale of the defenders of the Obama Administration, the policy criticism is "really" just cloaked racist sentiment. She's clearly a "Trumpophobe" or perhaps a "plutophobe" . Who knows but the left found no other reason to resist any action (no matter the facts surrounding it) by the last president without harboring hidden or even overtly racist sentiments.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy, has launched her third lawsuit against the federal government in the last 8 days.The suits consist of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, environmental regulations, and for-profit colleges (as if those didn't exist on January 19th, 2017).

Three lawsuits in the new administration's first 10 days puts the suddenly hyper-litigious Healy on pace to attack the Trump White House with 438 Federal lawsuits v Commonwealth of Massachusetts by the end of the hate-crime battered Trump's first term. Using her party's logic over the last eight-years, one is left to say, "What a hater"!!

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