As hard as it is to believe, there has never been a woman who has held a rank of sergeant, lieutenant, chief, or any supervisory rank of any kind in the history of the Marion Police Department. An astonishing fact, particularly in the year 2021.

However, that streak will end on Sunday, when Alisha Crosby will officially become the Marion Police Department's very first female sergeant. The Marion Board of Selectmen cleared the way in a meeting last night when they appointed Crosby to the rank of sergeant.

"I'm very pleased to announce Sgt. Crosby as our newest sergeant and this department's first female supervisor," said Marion's new Chief of Police, Richard Nighelli. "Sgt. Crosby is a valued member of the Marion Police Department and has earned this promotion with her many years of service and dedication to the Marion community."

Crosby was still surprised when we talked to her today.

"It's been exciting because I was the first female to be hired in a very long time," she said. "When they hired me back in 2006, it had been 27 years since the last female officer, and she was part-time."

Crosby is the school resource officer at the Sippican School in Marion. She said that she thinks it is important for departments to have women both as officers and supervisors.

"We see things sometimes a little different than a male's perspective," she said. "Dealing with certain situations, there are times when women need to talk to the police about something that's happened to them, and they feel more comfortable telling a female officer. Sometimes female officers have a better connection with younger children as well."

Crosby feels that police have a very tough job to do, but the most important piece to the job is gaining the trust and respect from the community.

"I'm honored to be able to get this opportunity," she said.

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