Getting out into nature and taking a walk can be a beautiful thing, but it is not always accessible for everyone. People who may be wheelchair-bound, have limited mobility or have kids they need to push in strollers sometimes find it hard to use the nature trails at some of the SouthCoast's favorite hiking spots – but not at Marion's Osprey Marsh Boardwalk.

We told you about the opening of the this wheelchair-accessible boardwalk back in the winter of 2020, but certainly there may have been a few others things you were more concerned about at the time. Now, the cutest wheelchair-bound dogs are reminding us all that this path is here on the SouthCoast to help make nature walks available to everyone.

Nicole Kirkos, office manager and volunteer coordinator with Sippican Lands Trust, just happened to be taking a walk on the boardwalk trail last Friday at the same time as Barbara and her wheelchair-bound dogs. She just had to capture their cuteness and we are so glad she did.

Kirkos told us she spoke with Barbara briefly while on their walks and learned the dogs need flatter surfaces on their walks, so the group likes to trek the Osprey Marsh Boardwalk when they need to get out. She also added that the tiny wheelchairs had license plates on the back with the dogs' names: Parker, the black and white pup, and Luna, the smaller pup with the sweater.

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If these adorable wheelchair-bound dogs can get out on the trail, clearly anyone can.

Sippican Lands Trust Executive Director Jim Bride added that these "wheelchair-bound dogs are probably a first for the trail, but it shows the boardwalk is accessible to everyone and that's really our message."

The Osprey Marsh Boardwalk is just one of the many trails on the 1,350 acres of open space that the Sippican Lands Trust protects. Maps for all of them can be found on the Sippican Lands Trust website as well as a list of the upcoming winter events with the trust.

A New Year's Day walk, Valentine's Day walk and even pop-up snow showing events are all planned for this winter. So don't let the chilly temperatures keep you from enjoying the great outdoors this season.

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