Red Sox fans have gotten used to late game heroics, but even the biggest Sox believer knows that they got incredibly luck on Thursday night. With a huge lead, the Seattle Mariners should have walked away the winners, but one mistake cost them the game in the bottom of the ninth. 


After being down 7-2 in the ninth inning, the Boston Red Sox were able to pull off a comeback win, and send Seattle on the road with another big defeat.

In the above GIF, you see Seattle Manager Robby Thompson call for a left handed pitcher, when he meant to call for a right handed pitcher to help clean up the mess that their closer Tom Wilhelmsen got them into. What resulted was an even bigger mess, and a 8-7 loss.

The umpires made Thompson use the left handed pitcher, because you know, baseball. Rules are rules, and despite Thompson's quick correction, he had to stick with it.

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