Tensions must have been high in Texas last night after the Cowboys lost to the Patriots, because an all out brawl took place in the parking lot and left one man critically injured.

According to Star-Telegram.com, Arlington police were called to Lot 10 at AT&T Stadium around 8:20 p.m. to break up a fight. Police spokesman Lt. Chris Cook told the press that when officers arrived at the scene, they heard gunshots.

One victim, a male in his 40s, was flown to an area hospital with serious injuires after being shot in the head.

The suspect fled after firing, but tripped over a retaining wall and was also taken to the hospital with injuries.

One witness says the suspect even turned the gun on himself for a moment.

There still aren't a lot of details as to how the fight broke out or what caused it in the first place, but there were a lot of tweets from reporters on the scene.

The Texas Rangers were also playing within the sports complex last night, they had a playoff game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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