TAUNTON — The former maintenance manager of a skating rink in Taunton is facing charges after two cameras were found in the girls' locker room.

Brian Boll, of Providence, RI is not charged with planting the devices found at the Aleixo Skating Arena in Taunton, but with impeding the investigation.

He was held on $7,500 bail on Wednesday after pleading not guilty to withholding evidence from a criminal proceeding and witness intimidation.

Prosecutors say two teenage girls spotted the devices late last month and their coach told Boll to contact police. Boll, however, did not call police until the next day, by which time the devices were both missing critical parts.

The 35-year-old Boll's attorney explained his client's delay, saying he was tired after several days of 16-hour shifts.

Boll was fired.

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