ACUSHNET — The Town of Acushnet has received a significant donation of “DeTerra Drug Activation Systems”, a pouch that makes the disposal of expired and unwanted prescription medications safe and easy.

“These pouches will allow local residents the ability to rid their medicine cabinets of unwanted prescription medications in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Flushing is not the answer! Wastewater treatment plants struggle to filter our prescription medications and septic systems were never designed to be a disposal site. Tossing the pills in the trash does nothing to deactivate the medication.

“Most importantly, we know that people become addicted and lives changed forever by a first time encounter with drugs. Reducing that initial exposure, which for so many occurs in the home, is our goal.

“The current opioid crisis has many sources. Once again we look locally for a way to begin turning around a problem that must be addressed.

“To paraphrase the words of a wise man; if you paint every person who has been impacted in some manner by this epidemic the color purple, you would have far too many purple people!

“We are building a network to get as many of these pouches distributed as possible. The Acushnet Police Department, Library, Town Clerk, Veteran’s Agent and Council on Aging are part of our network. Our emergency first responders are carrying these pouches in their vehicles. We will gladly provide pouches to individuals if you stop by the fire station. Or, simply give us a call.

“We are quite sure that there are other means of distribution that we are missing. That is our request to you. Any ideas let us know. If you have a group, club or upcoming gathering please let us knows. We will gladly make these drug deactivation pouches available free of charge.

“We must act locally. Working as a community we can reduce the number of purple people, and purple flags on our lawn!

Acushnet Fire Department

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