Jayne Cross Dominie posted a service announcement to the public on her personal Facebook page. Her husband is a city mail carrier. Below is a request to take a moment and offer your carrier a refreshment when he or she delivers your mail.

"THIS IS A COMMUNITY SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. ... If you live in a town or city where your mail carrier delivers the mail in this LLV..during these extreme heat days of summer please consider meeting them at the door with some water...Gatorade...or a cold wet wash cloth to refresh their face and neck. Especially if they appear to be over heated.These LLV'S DO NOT HAVE air conditioners. Their life may depend on it..This service announcement is brought to you by the wife of a city carrier.. Thank you."

The post has gone viral since first posted on June 21, 2016. Something to think about the next time the mail comes.

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