"It's a struggle when you fight with your sister and then have to hold hands for the remainder of the day." - That's the caption that Karen Vital used while posting this photo of her daughters holding hands in the backseat of a car, while one struggles to drink out of her water bottle. It was great seeing this picture on Facebook over the weekend. Not only because it was really funny, but 100% relatable.

As kids, my sister and I fought like any other siblings. My mom got so mad at us one day that she tied a jump rope around us and told us we would stay like that the rest of the day if we didn't give each other a hug and a kiss and say I love you. Unfortunately my sister and I were incredibly stubborn and I'm pretty sure we stayed like that for a while before we finally gave in.

I've seen great photos of parents sticking their kids in "get-along shirts" - oversized t-shirts used to trap the kids inside until they stop arguing. I assume this works just as well as my mom's jump rope or Vital's handholding trick.

How do you get your kids to stop fighting (now that they're all home together for the summer)?

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